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Cypress Wood Fence Adds a Beautiful Upgrade to Your Backyard

Hey, your yard looks great! And all the neighbors seem to agree. But you're still unsatisfied

with how beautifully protected your handy work is from encroaching critters, so why not give

it a little extra security? Cypress Wood Fence: an environmentally friendly alternative to the old-style wooden fences we've all grown

accustomed to. We at Silverman Fence offer wood fences in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas, and we

would like to provide you with new ideas to help you design your amazing yard and get a

little privacy from the outside world.

We have been providing wood fences for many years, and we are one of the best

companies to choose from for your custom fence installation needs.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Getting a Wood Fence in Jacksonville, FL

1. The type of fence and your budget

Before you decide on getting a wood fence or any other sort of fencing, it is important to

consider how much money you are willing to spend on your fencing project and the type of

wood fence that will fit into your landscape. The good thing about wood is that it can be

stained or painted and given the appearance of a metal fence, stone wall, or even a wrought

iron one, for that matter. It's not hard to find a wood fence in Jacksonville, FL, that will fit your

style no matter what it may be.

2. The materials that you will need to frame the fence 

The main materials used in making a wood fence are wood boards, brackets, nails, and

screws. You should also consider if you want to use braces in between the boards. Braces

are strong enough to hold the board together while adding an attractive touch of stability. We

provide you with fence installation in Jacksonville, FL, to ensure your fencing project goes


3. If you would need to install a gate 

Since you will have to create an entry in your fence, then allow for space for a gate and

make sure that the size you choose will be large enough. You may also fix swinging gates or

sliding gates on your wood fence. The choice entirely depends on your preference as well as

the functionality of the fence.

4. How your gate will look like -

The gate will be the most eye-catching part of your fence, and placing it in the right spot is

important. Ensuring enough space for trucks or other vehicles on your property is also

important. You may choose from farmhouse or barn gates to elegant wrought iron when

considering the gate style. When you installing a wood fence, let our fencing company in

Jacksonville, fl, do all the work so you don't have to find yourself too busy!

5. What will the fence be attached to 

The location and structure of your fence are also important. You must choose if your fence

will be installed on stone, brick, or concrete. It is also important to consider if you want it to

run level with the ground or if you want it to be raised a little.

3 Main Benefits of Adding Cyber Wood Fence Around Your Property

1. Make your landscape look complete 

Adding a cyber wood fence around your property will help improve its overall appearance.

No matter what style of wood fence you choose, it will always add a touch of natural beauty

to your home. A large yard can easily be divided into different parts using small fences. You

may also choose to build a wall around the perimeter of your property if you want to keep the

view of your house completely private.

2. Increase your property's privacy 

A wood fence will increase your property's privacy by preventing the view of it from

neighboring homes. However, you should ensure that your fence is at least 8 feet away from

the house and 10 feet from any other house. After all, you want to enjoy the magnificent

views of your home without any unwanted eyes peeping on you!

3. Give your property a new look -

A wood fence in Jacksonville, FL, will always add a new touch of beauty to your home. The

fence may be stained and painted with different colors that match the style of your house, or 

you may choose from wood stains and paints to get the exact appearance you want to

achieve. A fence will also help enhance the value of your home, as many prospective buyers

are looking for homes with a large space around them.


Silverman Fence is the best Wood fencing company in Jacksonville, fl, specializing in wood

fence installation. We can help you design a custom wood fence for your property and

provide the highest quality assistance to make your fencing project go quickly and smoothly.

If you have any questions about our wood fencing, please get in touch with us.

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